diverter valves

Our gravity and conveying diverters are designed for reliable operation and long life. One of the most important features of a diverter is not part of the valve itself. The most important feature is optimal valve selection based on your process requirements. B&W has 50 years of experience selecting, designing and manufacturing diverter valves. With our own foundry and 20,000 square foot machine shop, B&W is able to produce custom valves of all types.



CD Pressure Sealed Flap Type Conveying Diverters provide higher efficiency at substantially lower cost. Thse valves are virtually leakproof with both internal and external sealing. Very compact in size and interchangeable with existing products. What is truly outstanding about this line is the careful design and manufacture of the one moving element within the valve and improved access to this part for servicing. Standard sizes range from 50mm 200mm (2" to 8") in spigot design (CDS) and 50mm 300mm (2" to 12") in flange design (CDF).

  • Cast iron body with mild steel flap assembly
  • Cast aluminium with stainless steel flap assembly
  • Cast stainless steel (316) with stainless steel flap assembly
  • Polyurethane parabolic seal as standard, other options available


DG Gravity Diverters for gravity flow applications. Mild or stainless steel construction. Standard sizes from 4" to 12" and up to 24" custom designs. Round or square flanges. Optional internal dust seals. Standard leg angles (measured from vertical) are: 0°/30° and 30°/30°, but almost any angle can be accommodated. Available in 2-way and 3-way designs.



DBS Slide Box Diverters are unique and have proven themselves in applications requiring dust-tight operation. Friable products such as tobacco are perfect for this valve because there is no place for product to hang up. A smooth bore is all the product contacts when being conveyed through this diverter. On-the-fly diverting is possible under many conditions. Available in sizes from 2" to 6" in cast iron, cast aluminum, cast stainless steel and, for abrasive applications, Ni-hard.



Plug Diverters are used on all types of pneumatic systems because of their simplicity and reliability. The machined plug with a bored Y through the center rotates in the machined body to divert flow. On-the-fly diverting is possible under many conditions. Available in sizes from 3" to 10" in cast iron, cast aluminum or cast stainless steel.



DS Double Slide Gate Diverters are used where the two legs must operate independently. This is the only diverter (other than the pinch valve) that can close both legs at the same time. Available in sizes 6" to 12" in aluminium, mild or stainless steel.



AKO Pinch Valve Diverters are used in abrasive applications such as cement. The simplicity of two (or more) pinch valves allows independent operation of the diverter legs. Simple operation and a smooth bore makes these diverters ideal for dense or dilute phase pneumatic systems. Available in sizes 1.5" to 8".



Twin-Outlet Diverting Rotary Valve combines the function of a rotary feeder/airlock and diverter valve in one simple mechanism. Select left or right discharge by changing rotor direction via motor and reversing switch. Only one moving part. Very compact. Exclusive tapered rotor allows rotor gap to be easily adjusted. Heavy cast aluminium, iron or stainless steel valve body. Adjustable packing gland shaft seals purge available. Heavy duty permanently sealed outboard roller bearings. Ideal for vacuum or pressure conveying systems. Available in five sizes with capacities up to 2,500 cubic feet per hour.