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Dust Collector Rotary Airlock (SRD & RDV Series) are a low maintenance economy models that do not skimp on quality. Simplified design utilizing oilite bushings, ring seals, replaceable rotor tips (metal or poly) and compact direct gear drive reduces the number of parts while maintaining reliability. Sizes 6 to 12. Contact Us
Dust Collector Rotary Valve

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Rotary Airlocks

Our quality rotary airlocks will provide reliable service and long life. An important element to rotary airlock performance and long life is optimal airlock selection based on your process requirements. Read More

Slide Gate Valves

These versatile valves are designed for a wide range of gravity flow applications. All share the same one-piece cast housings and heavy duty components that ensure reliable low maintenance operation for many years. Read More

Diverter Valves

Our gravity and conveying diverters are designed for reliable operation and long life. Optimal valve selection based on process requirements is key. Read More
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