Our quality rotary airlocks will provide reliable service and long life. An important key to rotary airlock performance and long life is optimal airlock selection based on your process requirements. B&W has 50 years of experience selecting, designing and manufacturing rotary airlocks. Our extensive airlock range, along with our ability to design and produce custom equipment is unmatched in the industry. Whether your application is heavy duty, drop-through, pneumatic, metering or simply emptying a dust collector, we have the right airlock for you. Most airlocks are available in cast aluminium, iron, stainless steel and special alloys. A range specialised coatings for wear and corrosion resistance, product release and product contact requirements is available. Most airlocks can be ATEX certified.



Bush and Wilton MSRP Rotary Airlocks

The MSRP ‘Multiplex’ Parallel Bore Rotary airlock is the all-rounder of the range. Featuring round / square combination flanges on the inlet and outlet, speeding selection and installation. Designed for use under gravity, pressure and vacuum conditions. Suitable for a wide range of dry solids, granular, pelleted and powdered type materials from the outlets of silos, hopper, cyclones, mixers, weighers etc. A maximum number of blades remain in contact with body at one time without affecting throughput. Substantial throat opening at airlock entry allows high pocket filling efficiency. Robust body construction prevents distortion. An extensive range of options is available.



Bush and Wilton MSRT Rotary Airlocks

MSRT (formally ‘SR’ series) Tapered Bore Rotary airlock also follows the ‘Multiplex’ concept of round / square combination flanges and is in most cases, dimensionally interchangeable with the ‘MSRP’ range. The tapered bore allows the clearance between the rotor and the body to be adjusted with the airlock in situ, without the need for disassembly. This can be used to compensate for wear, products with different handling characteristics, temperatures etc. The closed end tapered rotor is contained fully within the machined bore. This allows higher differential pressures to be accommodated compared to parallel bored airlocks with closed rotors. This is particularly useful where abrasive products need to be introduced into a pressurized system, as the rotor design keeps the product away from sensitive areas around the end covers and shaft seals, therefore reducing the risk of premature wear.


Ifu rotary airlocks

Bush and Wilton IFU Rotary Airlocks

Bush & Wiltons IFU Rotary Airlocks are rugged airlocks offering high capacities by virtue of having a large bore diameter relative to the inlet size. Available with circular flanges to suit common industrial standards (ASA 150lb, DIN PN10, JIS 10K etc.), they are designed for use under gravity, pressure and vacuum conditions. They are suitable for metering a wide range of dry solids, granular, pelleted and powdered type materials from the outlets of silos, hoppers, cyclones, mixers, weighers, etc. An extensive range of options is available. These airlocks are interchangeable with ‘legacy’ ‘IF’ series airlocks in most cases.


Offset flange rotary airlock (ofu series)

Bush and Wilton Offset Rotary Airlock

Offset Flange Rotary airlock (OFU Series) shares all of the heavy duty castings and precision machining of the IFU series, with the exception of the offset flanges. Because the inlet flange is offset relative to the rotor, flooding and overfilling of the rotor pockets is limited, which greatly reduces product shearing. This design is recommended for granular and pelletized products such as plastic chips. Heavy cast bodies, end covers, oversized shafts, adjustable packing gland seals and sealed outboard roller bearings provide reliable service and long operating life. Sizes 4 to 18.


Blow-through rotary airlock (bsu series)

Bush and Wilton Blow-Through Rotary Airlock

Blow-Through Rotary airlock (BSU Series) is a compact airlock that incorporates a cast-in pneumatic pick up port. The air rushing past the rotors helps to dislodge fine cohesive products and increases airlock efficiency. Sizes 6 to 16.


Dust collector rotary airlock (srd & rdv series)

Bush and Wilton SRD Rotary Airlock

Dust Collector Rotary airlock (SRD & RDV Series) are a low maintenance economy models that do not skimp on quality. Simplified design utilizing oilite bushings, ring seals, replaceable rotor tips (metal or poly) and compact direct gear drive reduces the number of parts while maintaining reliability. Sizes 6 to 12.


Twin-outlet diverting rotary airlocks

Bush and Wilton Twin Outlet Rotary Airlock

Twin-Outlet Diverting Rotary airlocks combine the function of a rotary feeder/airlock and diverter airlock in one simple mechanism. Select left or right discharge by changing rotor direction via motor and reversing switch. Only one moving part. Very compact. Exclusive tapered rotor allows rotor gap to be easily adjusted. Heavy cast aluminum, iron or stainless steel airlock body. Adjustable packing gland shaft seals purge available. Heavy duty permanently sealed outboard roller bearings. Ideal for vacuum or pressure conveying systems. Available in five sizes with capacities up to 2,500 cubic feet per hour.


High pressure airlocks

Bush and Wilton High Pressure Rotary Airlock

High Pressure airlocks are used for a variety of applications including feeding high pressure reactors and pneumatic systems. Very heavy castings and special seals allow these airlocks to operate at incredible pressure while minimizing leakage. Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.


Extended length & oversized airlocks

Bush and Wilton specialised Rotary Airlock

Extended Length & Oversized airlocks are commonplace at B&W. There is virtually no limit to what we can do for you.


Bush & wilton 'legacy' rotary airlocks

Bush and Wilton Legacy Rotary Airlock

Although some older ranges have been phased out, all types have a direct equivalent in our current range. airlocks offering complete dimensional and functional interchangeability with existing Bush & Wilton equipment are available in almost all cases. Please contact us with your requirements.